Sidebar Block Designs

Sidebar Block Designs

Although the sidebar is not intended for the main content, it holds valuable real estate on any website and should not be overlooked.

So what do you put in the sidebar? I’ve seen sites that cram too many things into their sidebar which causes visitors to feel confused and overwhelmed.

Depending on what your ministry or business is and what you offer your approach may vary. But the one thing that is always the same no matter what your site is about, you want your audience key information fast and easy to find.

Because I believe a sidebar should not only be attractive, it should be engaging. But this takes putting some extra effort into your sidebar which can cost you more than your budget allows. That’s why I came up with the following templates to use in your sidebar. It’s simple, you chose the design, the content and let me do the rest.


Line Drawing Bundle

Background Images Bundle

Images & Text Bundle

Featured Items

Textured Text Block

Sidebar Ad

Text Blocks over Image